Dead Or Alive (2012)

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  • Език: Английски  / Формат на субтитрите: SRT
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  • Taistelu Näsilinnasta 1918 a.k.a. Dead or Alive 1918

    Country: Finland
    Genres: War

    An episode from the Civil War of Finland, from its decisive battle of Tampere. Based on documents, it is the story of Erik Melin’s company of the White Army, its 212 men who managed to penetrate the Red front and proceed over the Tammerkoski falls to the Näsilinna castle on 3 April, 1918. Documentary materials are incorporated in the enactment of the attack of the company who fights without military colours, managing to surprise and conquer Reds in every turn.
  • Държава: Финландия
  • Жанр: Драма, Исторически, Военен
  • Режисьори: Claes Olsson
  • Актьори: Nicke Lignell, Petter Kevin, Willhelm Grotenfelt, Thomas Holm, Mattias Asplund, Markus Wilson, Mike Nordlund, Fredrik Westblom, Anders Ek, Axel Hanses, Frank Nylund, David Grandell, Jan Holm
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